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Whether you're new to lettering or a seasoned artist, this free course will definitely help you create better letters from the ground up and improve your lettering skills.

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What you'll get from Styling the Alphabet FREE course:

  • 60-pages of highly informative lettering instructions and fundamentals that every lettering artists should know!
  • Daily lettering prompts to help you improve your skills better and FASTER!
  • Complete guide to drawing the alphabet individually and correctly.
  • Typographic vocabulary to help you communicate properly with fellow artists and potential clients. 

Here's what artists are saying about Styling the Alphabet:

" The new guidebook by Mye is an amazing resource that breaks down the process of creative typography into daily challenges. Join in and gain motivation from the countless others taking on the challenge and improve your hand-lettering today!" 

James Lewis - @jameslewis

"WHOA- I cannot believe Mye is giving all of this info away for free. There is so much helpful info and so many little tips & tricks in here that you won't easily find anywhere else- especially not for free! Mye is a rockstar at stylizing letters... I often look to her work for inspiration and cannot wait to apply all of these nuggets of wisdom into my own work. Thanks for offering this, Mye!"

Becca Courtice - @thehappyevercrafter

"Proud student of Mye here! I cannot imagine that apart from attending her workshop and learning from her personally, I also get to access this Course Book, for FREE! say what?! It is chock-full of tips, techniques, terminologies and information that satisfy my curious mind and I can't wait to apply them in my works. This is indeed a great way to giveback to our creative community! Thank you Mye for doing this, you are inspiring."

Mylene Molo - @mylenemolo

"Mye answers all the hand-lettering questions you didn't know you had and then gives that info away for FREE. This course will improve your typographic vocabulary, bolsters your confidence and spark your creativity. You'll learn typographic principles to help you understand how to build good letters from the ground up and explore your innovative side by adding decorative elements and experimenting with different typefaces. Whether you're a lettering newbie or a seasoned artist, this is a must-have!"  

Elizabeth Gray - @thegraytergood

Meet Mye


With over 4 years of lettering experience, I've learned numerous strategies and techniques to improving my lettering and deliver quality and valuable work to my clients. I've developed this guide to help lettering artists practice with intention in order to hone their skills better and faster. 

Mye De Leon • Lettering Artist & Designer • Mye De Leon Studio